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Old Mrs. Sang took one look at her and said slowly, "This is your chance. The princess must not miss it!" "My luck?" Old Mrs. Sang nodded and said, "That's all right. Princess, you've probably heard of Jinwumen, a martial arts school." Zhu Cui nodded and said, "I've only heard of it recently. Isn't today's Bule Gang the school of Wulin?" "Not bad," said Mrs. Sang. "This is a profound and abstruse Wulin Secret Sect. The three island lords who inherit this sect, hum!"! Princess, of course, you also know that each of them has a great martial arts! Zhu Cui nodded and said, "I've heard of it, and I've seen it." Old Mrs. Sang nodded and said, "Of the three of them, Gao Li is the best in martial arts, Feng Laiyi is the second, and Gong Yidao is the worst." Zhu Cui nodded and said, "Do you mean to say that Gao Li has been taught by Jinwumen?" "Not bad!"! But it's only about sixty or seventy percent. After a pause, the old man Sang went on to say, "The real heir of Jinwumen is the old Shan monster you saw just now, Princess.". As far as I know,Nail Making Machine price, he is the heir of the'Drunken Golden Black 'Yunzhongyu. Princess, if you can get his advice, you will surely benefit a lot. I see that he seems to be particularly interested in you, and you must not lose this opportunity. "Really?" Said Zhu Cui with a smile. Old Mrs. Sang suddenly stood up from her seat and said, "I'm leaving. I'll come and see you again these two days." "I should go and visit you," said Zhu Cui. Old Mrs. Sang shook her head and said, "You mustn't. You mustn't look down upon this girl, Qing He. If she sees something and reveals something in front of that woman,Nail machine manufacturer, Feng Laiyi, it will be very bad for you and me." Zhu Cui nodded and said, "I know." Only then did Mrs. Sang turn around and float away, with a brisk posture. Flashing has fallen on the lotus pond, and has disappeared in a flash. ※ ※ ※ "Green Lotus grinned and served a delicate breakfast." I had a good sleep last night! With a slight blush on her face, she said, "I've never slept so hard. The sun came out when I opened my eyes." Of course, Zhu Cui knew what was going on. "I'm probably too tired," she said with a smile. "Are you the only one in the garden?" "No!" Qing He said, "There are still a few people, but they have all been taken care of. They can't come in casually. Everything is fine here, but it's a little too quiet. When you are here, Princess, the servant can still say something to you. Otherwise, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,wire nail machine manufacturers, there will be only one person sitting in a daze. Sometimes it's really boring to think about it!" "Don't you always follow the three empresses when they go out?" "Not necessarily!"! It depends on what you're doing. The three island owners have strange temperaments. Green Lotus went on to say: "They seldom go out together. They all go to work alone. Each of them does his own thing, and no one cares about the other." "How do they feel about each other?" Asked Zhu Cui. "It's very strange," said Qing He. "I seldom see them together. Even on the island, everyone has his own business. Unless there is something special, I seldom see the three of them together. It's not easy to say a word." Zhu Cui put down her chopsticks and said, "The weather is fine today. If you have nothing to do, shall we go outside for a walk?" "That's very kind of you," said Qing He with a smile. "Your servant is very bored, too. Shall we go now?" "Is it too early?" Asked Zhu Cui. Qing He shook his head and said, "Not early, not early, but where are we going to play?"? You can't go too far. "You're more familiar here than I am," said Zhu Cui. "I'll go with you." Green lotus looks like very happy, a moment to clean up the bowls and chopsticks left by Zhu Cui.
She rolled her eyes for a moment and said, "Yesterday I heard there was a temple fair at the Mawang Temple nearby. Shall we go to the Mawang Temple for a stroll?" At this time, Zhu Cui's mood was already stable, coupled with the acquaintance of Shan Sang, for the future to deal with the island, virtually increased a lot of confidence, the pressure in the heart greatly reduced, also happy to take advantage of this free time, walk around to dissipate the accumulated depression in the heart. So when she heard Qinghe say this, she immediately agreed. At that moment, led by Qinghe, he walked out of the pavilion where he lived and stepped out of the courtyard. ※ ※ ※ After the thunderstorm last night, the sky looks very clear today. The sunshine is neither strong nor soft, and it is really warm and comfortable to shine on people. Zhu Cuiyi felt very happy. Autumn in the south is not like the cold in the north. Although it is autumn, except for the lotus leaves in the pond, everywhere is green and thriving. Stepping into the green field in front of him, he stepped out along a circuitous flower path paved with granite and saw the gate he had passed when he came. Zhu Cui secretly looked at the scenery on both sides as she walked. The more she felt unhappy, the larger the hall was and the more powerful it was. Because she was in a hurry and did not want to be seen by Feng Laiyi, she could not look at it carefully. At this time, she was in a different mood, so she observed it carefully. In this huge courtyard, there are six pavilions of different formats. At first glance, they look like they are on one side, and each has a special corridor to pass through. It does not seem to have any special arrangement. However, Zhu Cui was aware that there was a lot to be said for it. First of all, she noticed that the form of each corridor was different, and the contrast between the buildings was very interesting, especially that although the form of each building was different, there was a same door to echo each other. Moreover, on the tile surface of the top floor of each building, there is a brilliant bead, which at first glance looks like six points of starlight, especially piercing. Although Zhu Cui could not figure out the intention of this inclusion for a moment,wire nail making machine, she could conclude that there must be a profound artistic conception. She could not help but secretly rejoice that she had not rushed around, otherwise she would have been trapped in this delicate situation if she could not keep it. In the yearning, green lotus has brought her to the gate. 3shardware.com

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