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Xu Xilin was taken aback and subconsciously dodged slightly. Then he wondered, "What am I hiding from?" Dou Xun's throat was a little tight. He raised his hand, but he couldn't cough it out. He put it down again. He said dryly, "Let me have a look at the answers to the math exercise book you revised this week." Xu Xilin said, "Oh," and ran upstairs with the ball in his arms. In the middle of the two rooms on the second floor, there is a small open space similar to a living room, with a sofa and several bookcases, which has become a public space for two people to go home and do their homework together. Among them, there is a "geomantic treasure land" in one corner, beside which there is not only a small pier to put feet on, but also a small freezer under the bookcase to drink directly. As usual, Xu Xilin and Dou Xun always have to pinch each other in order to seize the geomantic treasure land, first come first served. But this day Dou Xun did not know what medicine he had taken,mineral flotation, and stood beside the "throne" like a dementia attack. He took the answers to the exercises handed over by Xu Xilin and let them go. Xu Xilin never knew that there was the word "humility" in the dictionary, and he was embarrassed to sit down. So a few minutes later, the two men vacated the lonely "throne", each occupying a corner of the couch, neither chatting nor choking with each other, in a strange peace,chrome washing machine, quietly finished their homework, the efficiency was quite high. Attracted by the rare quiet atmosphere upstairs, Doudou strolled up to inspect a circle and lay down under the desk to sleep. His white hair fell up and down all over his body. It was clearly an acerbic shriveled triphase. However, after looking at it for a long time, he could also see a little loveliness. Xu Xilin inadvertently looked up and found that Dou Xun was also looking at himself. He thought about it and grabbed a bag of chocolate from the side and threw it over. Xu Xilin spit out the words that had been brewing for a long time: "Wu Tao was not a good boy yesterday. Don't take it to heart." Dou Xun shook his head in a particularly talkative way, and then finally once he kept up with the reaction and tried to smile at Xu Xilin. Xu Xilin knew him for more than half a year, but he seldom got a good face several times. He was startled on the spot. His teeth chewing chocolate bit his tongue, and tears of pain almost came out. Dou Xun felt that he should have been depressed. He had just given up a college entrance examination and was about to face the questioning of a large group of teachers and parents. Zhu Xiaocheng and Dou Junliang once again proved the fact that he was nothing in their eyes. His grades are excellent, but he doesn't know what the use of excellence is, because he has no goals, magnetic separator machine ,tin beneficiation plant, and no one expects any of his achievements. But Dou Xun magically did not feel depressed, his thoughts paused briefly on those troubles and loneliness, and soon slipped away briskly, a little like the feeling he had when he secretly smoked his first cigarette-an unknown external force pried him out of his depressed mood and injected him into his heart. Like something really good is going to happen. Even though reason told him it was just an ordinary weekend. Expectation is a spiritual drug, and Dou Xun drifted through the whole day. In the evening, Ms. Xu Jin came back with a huge suitcase. After a brief rest, she began to free up her hands to deal with her two children who were "one plus one is greater than two". Chapter 18 Bifurcation Ms. Xu Jin's study is neat and almost serious, which is a little out of line with her sometimes talkative temperament. All the used documents and paper materials will be put in different categories. The neat books and various legal classics in the bookcase are arranged in a somewhat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Xu Jin sat behind his desk, separated from Dou Xun by a wide solid wood table, as if he were receiving customers. Sit down. "Xu Jin put on shallow glasses and looked at the teenager through the thin lenses. She couldn't figure out what happened to the gene collision between Zhu Xiaocheng and Dou Junliang. She gave birth to such a child." I heard your teacher and your mother say what happened yesterday. " When Dou saw that she was going to have another round of familiar whipping, he lowered his head in a dull way, assumed the posture of "I have made up my mind" and pretended to be dead.
Who knows Xu Jin said carelessly: "Postponing the college entrance examination is not as serious as they think in general. I probably understand the situation. It's a pity that the extra points can't be used. However, people who think that more than ten points in the college entrance examination can change their destiny are estimated to be so promising in this life." Dou Xun listened to this deviant comment, took a look at her, or did not relax his vigilance-the expression of desire to suppress first is also commonly used by teachers and parents. I also heard your teacher Zhang's complaint. She said that there was no legitimate reason for you to give up the college entrance examination. It was purely capricious. Xu Jin said unhurriedly, "But I think everyone has their own internal logic, especially people of your age, more ideas, but you don't want to tell us, right?" "Since you don't want to tell anyone, and probably you don't want to tell me, I won't ask more questions." Xu Jin said frankly, "At the beginning, you signed up by yourself, and now you decide to give up the exam. Dou Xun, it's a good thing that you can make your own decisions. It shows that you mature earlier and win at the starting line than others. But as an adult, I still have to remind you of one thing. Since you want to make your own decisions, you have to be responsible for it.". Why does your teacher think you are capricious and why do you call around to complain? Because she thinks you can't take responsibility. Can you understand this? Ms. Xu Jin and Xu Xilin are not very similar. She looks very smart when she doesn't wear glasses, but she seems a little stern when she wears them. At first glance, the whole person has a very professional coldness. Somehow, she gave birth to such a lively son as Xu Xilin. You are not young, in the past poor families, your age has been able to support the family,coltan ore processing, but you are very immature, this is the reason why adults do not let you make your own decisions, Xu Jin said. No young man would be indifferent when he heard this. Dou Xun opened his mouth and was about to retort. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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