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Luo Zhentao laughed and said, "What other movie can have such great power?"? Of course, I didn't expect you haven't seen this movie, Xiao Xu. The movie is still being shown in some cinemas, and it is said that it can earn more than a dozen or two hundred thousand yuan a week. Speaking of this, Luo Zhentao couldn't help recalling: "How many people were made popular by that movie? Qin Cheng was amazing in those years. Female fans all over the world were crazy about him. Every day there were hundreds of fans waiting downstairs in the company, wanting to see him." With a sudden step at his feet, the boy opened his eyes wide and his clear pupils trembled slightly. Did not wait for Luo Zhentao to discover, Rong Xu then returned to normal, two people entered the hotel next to the film and television city together. Early the next morning, Rong Xu arrived at the crew and began to change costumes and make up. In addition to Han Yanghao, several protagonists all changed into the dress in the ambush. As the opening ceremony was getting closer and closer, Deputy Director Li was so anxious that he was sweating profusely, and Director Zheng was so angry that his face was livid. Finally, the auspicious time has come. Just when the crew couldn't wait any longer and had to go out to meet the media, a handsome and gorgeous red sports car suddenly appeared from the end of the street and drifted on the ground, almost hitting people! After waiting for a handsome and handsome big boy to come down from the car, deputy director Li looked at him and angrily scolded him in a low voice: "Do you want some face?" The words were so low that only Rong Xu, who was standing beside him, heard them. Rong Xu looked up at Deputy Director Li, but saw the latter walk forward with a smile and lead Han Yanghao to the scene of the opening ceremony. Seeing this,aluminium tile trim profiles, Rong Yan frowned slowly, and several stars beside him were stunned. When everyone came to the stage, Rong Yan turned his head and looked at Luo Zhentao, who nodded to him, and then Rong Yan came to the stage at ease to attend the opening ceremony. Throughout the opening ceremony, the eyes of the media were focused on Han Yanghao. Zhang Tongtong is just a second-tier actress who has just been on the stage for two years, and Yi Lan has only been in the circle for eight years. Not to mention Rong Xu, although his appearance is the most outstanding among the four,stainless steel edge trim, who knows him now? Only a few media asked Rong Xu some questions about the competition, and then no one paid any attention to him. Among the numerous media, only a female reporter wearing glasses has been staring at Rong Xu's body. She kept taking pictures of her. Under her lens, the smiling and nodding young man, the young man in the sunshine, the young man with picturesque eyebrows and eyes, but in a stiff military uniform, were all treasured in the camera. When the opening ceremony ended, the female reporter turned to the assistant next to her and said: "Everyone went to grab the news of Han Yanghao, so no one could grab the exclusive.". If you want to go up, you have to have a keen sense of smell and find bright spots that others can't find. I think this star can be popular. Reporters and media quickly left, and at two o'clock in the afternoon, the ambush started. The first scene was originally set for Han Yanghao and Zhang Tongtong, but because Han Yanghao came too late and was still making up, china tile trim ,metal trim manufacturers, Director Zheng pondered and let Zhang Tongtong and Rong Xu go first. In the center of the spacious and bright studio, there is an elegant and magnificent banquet scene. Many group performers, dressed in gorgeous evening gowns and carrying goblets, are like the most beautiful flowers of this era, wandering among young officers in military uniforms. The sound of singing and dancing was played in the resplendent banquet hall, and the happy laughter and elegant dancing were set off together, which was really luxurious and extravagant. The ambush tells the spy story of the Chinese internal strife in the 19th century. The hero, Bai Mingde, is an underground member of our party. He is a second-rank officer in the enemy army. At that time, the warlords of China were divided, and the four warlords occupied 80% of the land of China. Among them, the Huo family in Pingcheng was the most powerful, and was the first of the four warlords, enough to crush the other three. Bai Mingde is an officer of the army of the Huo family. In order to get more information, he put his idea on the young marshal of the Huo family. Huo Dashuai has only one son, named Huo Xi. He is cold-blooded, violent and cruel. It is said that he once personally stripped the skin and flesh of the captured spy. No one can gain his trust at all. Bai Mingde thought about it and thought of a woman. Huo Xi has a baby since childhood, the woman is the daughter of Huo Dashuai's old comrade-in-arms, that is, the heroine Liang Linghui.
The relationship between Huo Xi and Liang Linghui is very strange. Both of them seem to dislike each other, but they have admitted their engagement and will hold a wedding next month. Liang Linghui teaches in a middle school in Pingcheng, which is the only chance for Bai Mingde to get close to Huo Xi, so the organization arranged an undercover agent to become Bai Mingde's nephew and sent the little undercover agent to the middle school. Come and go, Bai Mingde experienced several nearly exposed difficulties, and finally through Liang Linghui, and Huo Xi met. In just twenty days, he had been connected with this beautiful and intelligent woman, but if Liang Linghui did not marry, she would not be Huo Xi's wife, and Bai Mingde could not get close to Huo Xi again. So when Liang Linghui let Bai Mingde elope with her ignorant love, Bai Mingde refused. From then on, Huo Xi married Liang Linghui, and Bai Mingde gradually gained Huo Xi's trust. In the first scene, Director Zheng chose the scene of Huo Xi and Liang Linghui communicating at the banquet. The mood of the guests reached its peak when they heard two footsteps coming from the spiral staircase. Everyone turned to look, only to hear the footsteps of "da da" and "da da", as if stepping on everyone's heart, making the happy atmosphere in the field gradually serious. The officers slowly straightened up, and the ladies hid the expectation in their eyes. When a long hand like jade appeared on the mahogany escalator, a lady opened her eyes in surprise, but the next moment, the man stretched out another hand, holding a gentle woman, and went down the stairs together. The wide cowhide belt wraps up the young man's thin waist and outlines the perfect curve. The black military uniform tightly bound his long straight legs, his back was straight, like pine and snow, and his black broken hair was clipped behind his right ear, only flowing down his left forehead,tile profile factory, covering his fierce and cold eyes. The author has something to say: Qin Chengcheng: Rong Rong is not good, wear baby clothes, the baby will punish you on behalf of Chimi! Choo Mi Choo Mi 3. jecatrims.com

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