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"This.." Dai Chi said hesitantly, "Why don't you think about it, Mr. Zhao Kuan?"? Besides, you've only had half a day's rest, and maybe you haven't recovered. "That's not a problem." Li Hong said bluntly, "Both of us have recovered. Please show us the way." Dai Chi was a little surprised by this. They came to Dayun Lake in the afternoon after the rescue. Not long after they had a rest, they began to wander around and follow them to the parliament to make speeches. Now that they have found themselves, they have not been idle all night. When did they concentrate on their work? If they have really recovered, the speed at which they gather their true power seems to be faster than that of ordinary people with this kind of power. Dai Chi paused for a moment, nodded and said, "You insist on going. I can't stop you. I can also give you a detailed map, but I hope.." You can listen to my suggestion. "Mr. Dai Chi, please go ahead." Zhao Kuan said sincerely. First of all, in addition to crossing the roof of the world, I hope that the altitude of the two flights will not be higher than 1000 meters. Dai Chi said: "After you leave here, go all the way to the west, cross the plateau group on the roof of the world, and then you can turn to the southwest. After more than 1,000 kilometers, you will pass through the'Laben Ocean 'and cross the'Laben Ocean' to arrive at the'Afo Land Block '. Please land and go south on foot." "Why walk?" Although it had nothing to do with Wu Yaojiu, they couldn't help but interrupt and ask, "Isn't it faster to fly directly?" "The closer to the center,filter nozzle, the more difficult it is to deal with the monster of the Avo Land Block." Dai Chi said slowly, "If you walk forward and find something wrong, you still have time to get back. If you fly into a group of monsters, it will be very difficult to get away once you are surrounded.". My suggestion is to hope that you two can try your own strength first, so that there is still hope to turn back. Zhao Kuan and Li Hong look at each other, two people look at each other's eyes, know that the other side did not intend to listen to this proposal. Li Hong was about to open his mouth when Zhao Kuan said first, "Thank you,lamella tube, Mr. Dai Chi, for your concern. We understand your suggestion." When Li Hong heard this, he couldn't help laughing secretly, but he also followed Zhao Kuan's meaning and closed his mouth. This is not a joke. Dai Chi is not at ease: "The last time I saw the flat snake, it was just a small thing. You must believe me." "No problem." Zhao Kuan laughed and said, "We are very clear." "Wait here for two." Dai Chi was not at ease and looked at the two men again. He was not sure whether Zhao Kuan was sincere or not. The problem was that he could not tell whether he was sincere or not. He had to say, "I'm going to help you prepare something. What weapons do you use?" I can only use my heart sword now. What other weapons can I use? Li Hong shook his head with a wry smile and said, "I don't need it." But Zhao Kuan laughed and said, "Is there a weapon strong enough not to be exploded by my inner strength?" "Yes." Dai Chi nodded and said, "Zikeduo's breath is also from our side. I know your problem. I'll look for it." Only then did they realize that it was not Zhao Kuan who liked to play with his sword, but that his breath could not use ordinary weapons, but he did not know what weapons were suitable for Zhao Kuan? ※ ※ ※ December 4, Wuyuan 53 Even in the far reaches of the sun, it seems to be a bit of a struggle to cross the roof of the world, which is seven or eight thousand meters high. When the sunlight passed over the snowy peaks of the white mist and sprinkled on the forest area in the southwest of the world's highest peak, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,disc air diffuser, two rapidly flying figures in the air suddenly slowed down slowly, and finally settled in midair, watching the sun rising in the east gradually sprinkling on the dense forest, but the huge trees towering for thousands of years, the dense bushes, covered the two people in the air. It was almost impossible to see what it was like in the woods. The two men paused for a moment, and one of the young men, with a straight face, said, "Just ignore them." "No.".
"Another young man, who was always smiling, was much fatter than the previous one. He shook his head with a wry smile and said," Who taught us not to think? " First a young man seemed to say discontentedly, "Didn't you agree to his strange request?" "It's not just me, is it?" The fat man said helplessly, "Aren't you still keeping your mouth shut?" The first one paused and seemed to acquiesce. After a moment, he frowned and said, "What should I do now?"? I don't know how long it will take if we really walk from the ground. "There's a map anyway." The fat man snorted and said, "Look at it first. In fact, as long as we don't leave the ground, he can't feel it." Another young man nodded, took out what appeared to be a leather scroll from his backpack behind him, and studied it in the air. These two people, naturally, are Li Hong and Zhao Kuan, who left Wu Yaojiu, Ban Xiurong and others and went to Afo Land Block. At that time, two people took Dai Chi to help prepare some small things, in addition to a strange weapon like a sword, Zhao Kuan threw all the other things on Li Hong, Li Hong also did not dispute with Zhao Kuan, took it and left. But Dai Chi suddenly added a sentence, saying that he would watch their actions from afar if he had to, and that if they did not descend after crossing the roof of the world, he would immediately come out to recover them. The reason is very simple, he thinks that if two people fly directly into the sky, it is absolutely lifeless. Only then did they remember that the other side seemed to be able to observe things thousands of miles away, but this was not a big problem, anyway, the distance was so far, as long as it was too far from the surface, he should not be able to distinguish so clearly, but now can not fly up, the speed will naturally slow down a lot. Is it time to turn southwest now? Pointing to the map, Zhao Kuan said, "Is this a large area of the Great Peninsula?"? It seems to be much bigger than the Foda Peninsula in our hometown. "More than a thousand kilometers, endless." Li Hong looked to the southwest for a moment. He pointed and turned around and said, "Is that the direction?" Zhao Kuan at this time has taken out the "bioenergy receptor", which can clearly distinguish the direction,Belt Filter Press, Zhao Kuan nodded, was about to answer, suddenly "ah". What's the matter Li Hong was startled. khnwatertreatment.com

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