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Gently put the tender catkin into Chu Shen's mouth, let him chew the light sweet inside. I remember when I was a child, I followed Ning Mo to find a needle in the spring field. Every time I didn't have time to find one, he had already received a lot, and then lay lazily on the grass and looked at me with mocking eyes. I, on the other hand, was very spineless every time and suddenly turned into a little pug, smiling at him and flattering him in exchange for a sweet cogongrass needle. I can't help it. I'm six years younger than him. Six years old, for a child, means a gap. A gap like a chasm. Fortunately, in Chu Shen, I found some dignity and superiority. I taught him many times, but he still didn't know Mao Zhen and couldn't find any of them. But every time I find one, he wants to eat it. Like a child. I couldn't help scratching his nose gently with my fingers and teasing him in a low voice: "You are so stupid!"! With a smart face, it turned out to be a lie. How to recognize honeysuckle and Gelsemium? He slowly chewed the white flower spikes of the thatch, with a pure and bright smile. He didn't seem to want to explain, but finally explained to me: "I only know all kinds of poisons.". One of the required courses in my school. I gave him a white look. Sure enough, he was born in an evil way, and only these evil ways could study poison and evil skills all day long. He is a naive smile: "Learning is also a waste!"! Anyway, Xiaoshan knows it and will give it to me. "I can't follow you forever!" I blurted out, and then I suddenly regretted it. This is Ning Mo's pet phrase, every time he taught me something I can not learn, he is old-fashioned to come up with such a sentence,China spa factory, let me more depressed. Chu Shen did not care too much, but chuckled: "Maybe you will be with me for a lifetime?"? The mountains will become the sea, and all things are possible. I did not refute, the world is impermanent, perhaps the mountains will eventually become the sea, but life is only a short gap, such a scene we can not see. For example, between us, the horizontal,endless swim pool, is finally an insurmountable gap. If the mountain really becomes the sea, will you be with me for a lifetime? Chu Shen forced to ask. With a dull pain in my heart, I turned my face and said, "If a mountain can really turn into a sea.". I promise. He chuckled and fiddled with my hair. "Not happy?"? In fact, perhaps, one day when you look back, you will find that you have been with me for a lifetime. I turned my head blankly. What do you mean? Why hear such words, there is always a touch of melancholy lingering in my heart, lingering? Along the way, he did whatever he wanted, stopped and walked, depending entirely on his own interest. Sometimes he stayed in the most luxurious inn, spent thousands of yuan in the most expensive local restaurant, and sometimes slept in the open air, eating pancakes with mountain springs. No mind, no burden. Don't think about responsibility, hot tub wholesale ,whirlpool hot tub, don't think about the future. He knew the advantages of learning bow and arrow when he slept in the open. Greedy, with an arrow through the clouds, you can shoot down a bird or pheasant, and roast it on fire. As far as cooking is concerned, my skills are at the level of being able to cook living things. Chu Shen, on the other hand, seems to be more talented in this respect. So I just hunt and eat. I don't know what's going on in Jianghu. I don't want to know. I just hope that I can go on like this, walk all over the mountains and see all the sails. In the spring night, we looked at the stars side by side, and I told him the legends about the stars. My parents died early, and many people in the village took turns to take care of me when I grew up. The advantage is that I hear a lot of stories, and everyone will bring me one or two different stories. I like to tell stories when the eyes of Chu Shen, very focused staring at me, sometimes dark dark black eyes, like a deep ancient well, the waves are not popular, sometimes transparent green green eyes, such as a good emerald, Rapids undercurrent. Each one makes me addicted, never knowing that there will be such beautiful eyes in the world, as if they were the brightest stars in the night sky, changing in various colors of light in the boundless smoke and waves. Later, I learned that there were more than two colors in his eyes. At noon, we passed by a small restaurant and went in for a snack. It is a very clean small restaurant, simple but not shabby. The dishes are simple and homely, but also fresh and delicious. Chu and I went in early, and we were the only guests at the table.
It was the third day of the third month of the lunar year, the Shangsi Festival, and the spring scenery was just right. Scholars and ladies walked together, riding horses in the suburbs, enjoying flowers and going for an outing. Soon the tourists in twos and threes went into the restaurant laughing and laughing, drinking and boxing happily. I looked at them with a smile and felt warm in my heart. Am I temporarily retired from Jianghu during this period? Great. Whether it is hidden in the marketplace, savoring life, tasting the ups and downs; or hidden in the mountains, enjoying the white moon and clear wind, sitting and watching the waves grow and disappear. Knocked his head and laughed at himself. I am not yet sixteen, and I have not yet begun to formally take over the responsibilities of the burden, and I am already thinking of retiring? All right, even if you steal a moment of leisure. Ignore Jianghu affairs for the time being. However, Jianghu affairs insist on paying attention to me. Suddenly there was a lot of noise, with a few foul words. Chu Shen suddenly blew on the back of my neck. I turned my head and looked into his eyes. His eyes were full of smiles that could not be concealed. "These people speak in the style of hills." I blushed slightly, but it was rare for me to say a few rude words. After all, I have been with a group of big men, and I have been corrupted. Several rough-looking Jianghu men came in laughing and scolding loudly. As soon as they came in, they shouted and ordered the waiter to serve wine and food quickly. The bartender hurried over to greet him. The men sat down and immediately began to drink, laugh and talk. We were going to finish eating, but if I hadn't been greedy for the big fragrant bones, I would have eaten them clean from inside to outside, from bone marrow to tendons, and even the loose bones on my head would have been bitten one by one, with a sound and relish. Chu Shen looked at me with a smile. I guess he must be laughing at my eating. But, alas,4 person jacuzzi, since ancient times, beauty and happiness are difficult to be both, and I can't take care of them. monalisa.com

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