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As soon as Ma Junwu's heart moved, he suddenly remembered the past when the white clouds in Poyang Lake played the jade lute. Just as he was about to ask a question, the girl had already touched the golden strings of the jade lute, but when she heard a few clear sounds, she immediately felt that her mind was shaking. How could she dare to be distracted and speak? She quickly closed her eyes, sat down cross-legged, exercised and breathed, and clarified her distracting thoughts. Strands of melodious and crisp strings, along with the girl's moving jade fingers spread out, the sound is clear and pleasant, beautiful to the extreme. But in that beautiful voice, there seems to be a kind of power to seduce the soul. Ma Junwu was aroused by thousands of illusions by the euphemistic strings, only to feel his mind drifting and flying in the endless sky, and all kinds of illusions emerged in front of him, which moved with his thoughts and died with his birth. But after a cup of hot tea, the sweat on his head dripped down like rain. He felt burning inside. He couldn't sit still any longer. With a loud cry, he jumped up and ran out of the cabin. The young girl had just seen Ma Junwu using the Five Elements Trailing Footwork to dodge the attack of the four maidservants. She mistook him for having profound internal skills. When she saw that Ma Junwu could not hold out, she stopped in a hurry, but it was too late. Ma Junwu had already rushed out of the cabin. At this time, the ship was sailing at a high speed, and Ma Junwu was infected by the sound of the string, and his mind was not yet clear. Because he reluctantly used his strength to resist the sound of the string,push button toilet flush valve, his True Qi was greatly damaged, and his internal organs were also badly injured. But after all, he was a highly gifted person, and a little of his spirituality had not yet completely disappeared. After he resisted himself and the sounds of the strings, he suddenly cut himself off. While his mind had not yet been completely controlled by the melodious sound of He ran out of the cabin door and ran to the side of the ship. When the girl ran out of the cabin door, Ma Junwu ran to the edge of the deck and made a gesture to attack her. The girl was so anxious that she held the command office and the jade lute in her arms rang three times. These three lutes, like the call of a loving mother, were so soft that Ma Junwu heard a loud sound in his mind, and the idea of seeking death suddenly disappeared. Turning around and looking,Self-closing Shower Valve, I saw the girl in blue gauze, standing against the cabin door, her eyebrows lightly, her dimples shrouded in a faint melancholy, tears in her big eyes, her chest rising and falling, the sound of breathing, and her expression was very excited. At this moment, Ma Junwu was infected by the sound of the string and was completely conscious. The girl knew that Ma Junwu's internal organs had been injured, and saw that he was weak and apologetic. With a long sigh, she said: You must hate me in your heart, don't you? I didn't know this tune could be so powerful. You are badly injured now. Please go into the cabin and let me tell you the cure slowly. Ma Junwu shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I appreciate your kindness. I, Ma Junwu, don't take the matter of life and death to heart. This act of healing is unnecessary. Miss, Self-closing Faucet ,stainless steel squatting pan, please go into the cabin to rest. But I hope you will allow me to take a boat to Jiading offshore. I am very grateful." The girl suddenly put down her lute and closed her starry eyes. Two lines of glittering tears rolled down her pink cheeks. She clasped her hands together and looked up to pray, "Mother!"! Xiaodie won't go back on your admonition, and she won't like any man in this life. But if I play the "Enchanted Soul" and cause internal injuries to others, I must cure them, because I don't like him at all in my heart. If I don't cure his internal injuries for him, he must not live. I don't like him, and naturally I can't kill him. At the end of the prayer, he opened his eyes and waved to Ma Junwu. "I've already prayed to my mother," he shouted. "You can rest assured that I'll heal you." Ma Junwu was lucky in the dark, but with a little effort, he felt a sharp pain at the junction of his chest and abdomen. He knew in his heart that the True Qi had congealed in the Dantian and had become an internal injury. If he did not cure it as soon as possible, he would never be able to practice martial arts again. After listening to the girl's words, Ma Junwu thought to himself, If I refuse to accept her cure, I'm afraid I won't be able to move when I get to Jiading. The girl asked Ma Junwu to sit cross-legged before giving him the pithy formula. According to the method taught by the young girl, he practiced having a meal, and immediately felt that the pain was much lighter. By this time, the four girls in white had returned to the cabin and stood beside the girls in blue gauze. Ma Junwu followed the mental method taught by the young girl for a week. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that the young girl, who called herself Xiaodie, was sitting by the window, staring at him in a daze. Her face was covered with a faint layer of melancholy. She raised her jaw with one hand and did not know what she was thinking.
When she saw Ma Junwu open his eyes, she smiled and asked, "Have you recovered from your wound?" Ma Junwu took two breaths in the dark. Although he still felt a dull pain at the intersection of his chest and abdomen, his blood was already flowing smoothly. He nodded and said with a smile, "It's much better." "I didn't know that lute would cause you serious internal injuries," said the girl. "If I had known, I wouldn't have played it for you." Ma Junwu looked at her with a pure expression. She was clearly a young girl who was not deeply involved in the world. Her words were sincere and seemed not to be a lie. She was very puzzled. Did she really not know that the soul-stirring tune was powerful? But after seeing that the girl sighed faintly again, she ordered the maidservant beside her to take out a small jade box, open the lid of the box, take out two red pills, and give them to Ma Junwu, saying, "This is the elixir made by my mother before she died. She said that this elixir can boost the skill of martial arts practitioners. I have caused you internal injuries, so I will compensate you for two pills." With that, he stood up, walked up to Ma Junwu, stretched out his white jade palm sideways, and put it in front of Ma Junwu. Ma Junwu didn't want to accept it, but when he saw her sincere face, he had to stand up, take the pills and put them in the bag. Just as he was about to say a few words of thanks, his eyes suddenly touched the open jade plate and he was stunned. I saw that small jade box, in addition to three pills, there are also several books, above the four regular script beautiful handwriting is written "Gui yuan Mi Ji". This wonderful book, which attracted all the people in Wulin to go crazy, suddenly appeared in front of him. How could it not surprise him! "My mother left five pills, and now I give you two. I only have three pills left." With a cry, Ma Junwu bowed and withdrew from the cabin door. In fact, he didn't hear what the girl in blue gauze said at all. In his anger,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, he was hovering over the "Gui yuan Mi Ji" placed in the jade box. This wonderful book, which has caused thousands of martial arts masters to spill blood and die for it in the past three hundred years, has aroused great fluctuations in his heart. cnkexin.com

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